Rihanna is a pop star and a worldwide sensation. This tall and leggy babe from Barbados has got a soulful voice and a slew of hit songs to boot.  She is definitely a classy babe with a lot of charisma and talent under her belt.  Rihanna has been having top hits such as “Shut up and Drive” and “Umbrella”. Her voice is definitely amazing and she will likely be a diva in our cultural minds for a long time.  This babe has also appeared in movies and TV shows as herself and as characters. She appeared in the popular movie “21” as herself and has also appeared on various TV shows.

This tall and leggy brunette is in her early 20’s and has been linked to many famous people.  She was in the media a lot in the last couple of years for her much troubled relationship with Chris Brown.  He beat her up and admitted it publically. He took a huge hit to his reputation and career for this but has since pleaded guilty and gotten some help for his problem.  She has got a great relationship with a new beau now and is currently doing very well with her musical career also.  Rihanna nude and looking sexy is not hard to find and we will post the most provocative photos we can find of the beautiful babe. She likes to pose for magazines and show off her amazingly flawless body.

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Rihanna is one of those super hot black women that just ROCKS your socks with her soft looking silky skin.  She's curvy, and damn she has that hot voice.   She's probably a real vixen in the sack!

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Who wouldn't want to see Rihanna porn? Chris Brown was one lucky man!