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Rihanna Sex Tape Found with J Cole

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The news we've all been waiting for!  MediaTakeout is reporting there is a  Rihanna sex tape that just hit the internet.  They've received screenshots of Rihanna apparently giving some loving to rapper J cole on video tape.  Sources say J Cole lost his cell phone yesterday, so there is a great chance someone found a sex tape of Rihanna getting down with him on his phone!  Who wouldn't want to see the Rihanna sex tape like that?!  This is big news for celebrity tape lovers out there, especially after the Nicki Minaj sex tape stuff that came out there a few months ago.

Rihanna Leaked Photos

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We could stare at these nude Rihanna pics all day and everyday! When she's not dressed in see-through dresses gracing the cover of Vogue magazine, this Barbados beauty loves to take naked phone pics of herself. Her Vogue covershoot was shot by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz and showcased the singer's rockin' curves in a nude tone, skin tight embellished dress set against her bright red hair. The dress gave the illusion that it was melted onto Rihanna's perfect naked body. Ri Ri's music performances have been pretty raunchy lately, but apparantely dripping in sex appeal and sexual innuendo is just her way of expressing herself. Her body is super curvy and her booty is outta this world, one hidden surprise is her nipple piercing that we can see in the full frontal nude pic. Wonder how many guys have had a taste of that nipple ring! Most celebs are completely embarrassed and ashamed when their nude pics leaked, but Rihanna flaunts hers proudly! Ri Ri is no stranger to sexting, as displayed in these naughty nude phone pics, but all we want to know is who were these seductive texts meant for? The time period the pics were taken are pretty easy to determine based on the star's hair, since she changes it so much it's easy to know when the pics were taken. There have been a few batches of leaked phone pics, in the first was a group of 8 shots, with one including ex boyfriend Chris Brown, and in a second batch she is rockin' the blonde mohawk hair as she stands in front of a mirror wearing only a black lace thong. Rihanna's body prooves to the world that curves are way more sexy and we hope she keeps rockin' the booty shorts and takin nude pics so we can continue to indulge in all the nakedness.

Rihanna New Music Video - S&M

Rihanna S&MRihanna's new, just released music video for her new song S&M may not be porn, but it sure is the next best thing! As soon as we saw the title of the song (S&M, which has sex written all over it), we knew there was going to be a sexy music video to follow. I mean look at the picture! Every guy in the world is going to dream about his dick being that ice cream cold she is gripping in her hands. Rihanna looks smoking hot in her new video, rocking her bright red hair and wearing all kinds of sexy outfits (like latex!). Rihanna puts more edge and sex into each passing music video, and she definitely doesn't disappoint this time! This music video is dripping with sex, now all we need is some real Rihanna porn and our lives will be complete!

Rihanna Porn Video

Rihanna is a beautiful black babe from Barbados and a true success story.  She grew up in a modest existence and has become one of the most popular singers in our day.  Her hits “Disturbia”, “Shut up and Drive”, and “Umbrella”  have made her internationally successful.  Rihanna also is a great entertainer with top dance skills and the ability to make an audience fixated.  She is gorgeous and talented beyond belief.

Rihanna’s career is really just starting. She is only 21 years old and really ready to take the world by storm even further. After her tumultuous break up with Chris Brown, her career was tainted a bit by all the bad publicity. However, she has come out even stronger and more talented than ever and with a new sense of purpose.  Rihanna porn can be found here and we will post the newest hot nude pics of this Barbados beauty.

Rihanna Porn

Rihanna is a beautiful babe who is full of talent and charisma.  She is from the tiny island of Barbados and turned herself into a true success story.  Rihanna’s musical ability is hard to ignore no matter what type of music you follow. She is considered an R&B/ Pop star with catchy and hip hop style beats such as “Disturbia” and “Shut up and Drive”.  Her dance style and her beautiful good looks help add to her wide commercial success.

One good thing about Rihanna is she is super sexy.  She works hard to keep her tall and lean body looking good for tour and live performances. She is also a great entertainer with some awesome dance skills.  Her gorgeous good looks make her a deadly combination of fierce and talented.  She is appearing in Rihanna porn too, when you find leaked images and videos of this beautiful pop star online. You can find her images easily by searching and we will post them here soon too.

Nude Rihanna Pics?

Rihanna is a very beautiful R&B artist from Barbados.  She has been a pop icon for several years now and it’s hard not to turn it to MTV without seeing a video of her! Her music is spunky and catchy and her flavor is smooth. Her looks help add to her allure.  Rihanna is a tall and beautiful woman with dark good looks and a smoking hot body.  She admits that maintaining her figure takes a lot of work and dedication.

Rihanna has gotten famous singing some top hits.  She also made a lot of television appearances. You can hear her performing “Shut up and Drive” in the movie 21 and appearing in “So You Think You Can Dance”. A couple of her other huge hits are “Disturbia” and “Live Your Life” which are both amazing.  Rihanna porn can be found online where this Barbados beauty gets down and dirty and the images get leaked to lucky people.